Time of Day Routing for DID's

From the Office Manager Portal select "Inventory"

Then select "Phone Numbers"

Here you will be presented with a list of assigned phone numbers (DID's) for your domain.


Left click on a number you wish to adjust the treatment for.

You will be presented with this window:

In the above example the number is directed to an Auto Attendant.

To define separate behaviors for different Time Frames toggle on "Enable Time Frames"

Once completed your window will change to allow for defining these different Time Frames.

Here activate the drop down menu and select the Time Frame you wish to work with and click the green "+"

You will now have a second rule named after the Time Frame selected.

From here simply select the treatment for each Time Frame. Once you have established treatments accounting for all 24 hours of the day you are finished.

NOTE: The rules are applied over each other, i.e. the first rule will take priority over the second rule, the second rule will take priority over the third and so on. With this in mind create your Time Frames in such a way they only trigger when you want something to happen and leave empty times you wish the following rules to affect call flows.


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