User Answering Rules

Various ring behaviours can be defined inside the settings of an individual user. 

Office Manager Scope

Select "Users"

From "Users" chose the account you wish to manage. For this case we will pick Dylan.
Select "Answering Rules" and one can either EDIT the active rule or ADD an additional one. 
For this example we will EDIT


You are then presented with several options to treat incomong call behavior. For this example we will edit "Simultanious Ring"

We'll add an external number to trigger both the users devices and 7808754444 to ring at the same time. 

Once completed their answerings rules should look like this:

To modify or change behviour just repeat the above steps enabling the features you require. 

Basic User Scope

The process remains the same only one may select their "Answering Rules" directly from their User Portal. 

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