Hikvision NVR Axis Camera Integration

Axis Camera Settings

1. Log into Camera using browser (Internet Explorer recommended)

1. On left of screen click System Options and then Users

2. Under Users click Add

3. New User Setup window will pop-up, create new Administrator account

a) If ONVIF is needed, under system options click ONVIF

b) Under ONVIF click Add

c) Create new Administrator account to activate ONVIF for camera

4. Once necessary accounts are created proceed to NVR


Rebooting Axis Camera

1. Connect to camera using browser (Internet Explorer recommended) and log in

2. On left side of screen click System Options and then Maintenance

3. Under Server Maintenance click Restart

4. Camera will take approximately 3 minutes to restart


Hikvision NVR Settings for Axis Camera

2. Log into NVR using browser (Internet Explorer recommended)

3. Click Configuration at top of screen

4. Select System and then Camera Management

5. Click Add

6. Enter Camera Information as follows:

IP Camera Address: <IP Address>

Protocol: Axis

Management Port: 80

User Name: <admin username>

Password: <admin password>

Password Confirm: <admin password>

Transfer Protocol: Auto

Note: If ONVIF is being used instead, under protocol select ONVIF

7. Add all Axis cameras before proceeding

8. Under System click Video/ Audio

9. For each Axis camera set the Main & Sub streams as per below (Axis Protocol Only):


Main Stream

Sub Stream

Video Type

Video & Audio





Frame Rate



Max Bitrate



 10. Confirm Axis camera is working before proceeding to next one. If needed reboot camera (see above) to get sub-stream to start. Stream settings may need to be re-done after reboot is completed.