Unifi SSH CLI Commands


Command Example Function
info info Displays device information
set-default set-default Factory reset device
set-inform set-inform Set URL of the controller for adoption. More info
upgrade upgrade https://<firmware-url>.bin Upgrade firmware – More info
fwupdate fwupdate --url https://<firmware-url>.bin Update firmware
reboot reboot Reboot the device
poweroff poweroff Shutdown device
uptime uptime Shows device uptime


ifconfig ifconfig Show network interface information
ip address add ip address add dev br0 Set static IP Address
ip route ip route Display current gateway
ip router add ip route add default via Set default gateway
  echo "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf Set DNS Server
ping ping Check network connection to device
arp arp -a Show arp table
ip neigh ip neigh Show IPv6 neighbors