Hotdesking is a feature which allows for multiple office workers on different shifts to use a single physical workstation or surface as opposed to each staff member having their own personal desk. 


  • Devices that are to be used for hotdesking should not belong to a specific user. 
  • An Office Manager or higher scope is required to manage or create a user account.

Setting up Hotdesking

  • In the Manager Portal, navigate to the domain in which you are configuring the hotdesking feature.
  • Click on Users > Add User 
  • Create the Phone Hardware/Desk Account this MUST be in the extension range 5400-5499
  • This user account will host the phone hardware so make sure Add Phone Extension is checked
  • Go to Inventory Phone Hardware
  • Add or assign the phone to the 5400 user
  • Click on Users > Add User 
  • Create the Hotdesking User this will be in the normal extension range
  • Assign the user to a User's Scope of Call Center Agent
  • Make sure that the button next to Add Phone Extension is not checked
  • Click Add User to complete.

Using the Hotdesking Device via Star Codes

The Star Code to begin Hotdesking is *88. Once the system asks for the "Account Number" Dial the extension which will be used, the password requested is the voicemail PIN associated with that extension. To release a device back to the owner you can use the code *89

Using the Hotdesking Device via the Manager Portal

NOTE: This feature is disabled by default, the button once activated overrides the "Add Phone" button in the User Inventory section. To have this feature enabled please contact support. 

  • Login to the Manager Portal as the Hotdesking user you created earlier.
  • Click the Phones Icon.
  • Click the Activate Phone button on the top right.
  • In the modal box enter the extension number of the Hotdesking device.

  • Click Call.
  • The Hotdesk phone will ring.
  • Answer and enter the user's name and password/PIN.
  • The Phones screen should look like the screenshot shown below.
    NOTE: The Hotdesk phone will now accept inbound calls to that user and will also track the inbound and outbound traffic of the user.

  • The user can release themselves from the hotdesking device by clicking on the next to the device in the Phones section of the Manager Portal.