This article will cover some of the most common tasks that can be managed through the portal.


  • Manager Portal access with Office Manager scope.

Resetting a Password

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6vde8699c7e6c142d9b3b9a06497865c5b
  • Click the name of the user that needs a password change.
  • Scroll down to the Change Password section, and then enter a new numeric password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.
  • Click Save.


Replacing Employees

If you have a new employee taking over an old employee’s extension:

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v17b68791cc8b423d815f6ea58ff310f0
  • Click the name of the user being replaced.
  • Change the name, department, email address, and password, as appropriate, and then click Save.
  • To reset the mailbox for the new employee, click the Voicemail tab, scroll down to the data section, click Clear Data followed by Yes at the confirmation prompt, and then click save.

Moving a Phone

If a user changes offices, we recommend moving the phone. The user’s extension will follow
the phone. Otherwise, use the following procedure to reassign phones:

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v675c3e2aa4874cc9b33fda4480efb2a3
  • Click the user name or the Edit button to the right of the user.
  • Click Phones.
  • Click the MAC address of the appropriate phone.
  • In the pop-up window, reassign the extensions, and then click Save.

Changing Open Hours

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v85340307b54444c8840b5262fcd2cf8d
  • Click the name of the time frame you want to edit.
  • In the pop-up window, change the When setting. Use the check boxes, sliders, and text fields to adjust the open hours rules, as appropriate.
  • Click Save.

Setting New Holidays

Setting new holidays is a 2-step procedure. First, create or edit a time frame, and then
configure user answering rules for that time frame.

Set the time frame:

  • On the menu bar, click  DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v59d072afd4744d809af8ec0a4a732769
  • Click Add Time Frame to add a new time frame or click the Name of the time frame you want to edit.
  • In the pop-up window, enter or edit the name for the holiday, click when it occurs,
    and use the check boxes, sliders, and text fields to adjust the rules, as appropriate.
  • Click Save.

Set the user answering rules:

  • On the menu bar, click  DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6vc178a0d0d0b54a6fbec4e00696afae5d
  • Click the Name of a user who needs the time frame applied to him.
  • Click the Answering Rules link.
  • Check to see whether the time frame already applies to that user. Otherwise click Add Rule.
  • Using the Time Frame drop-down list, select the time frame you defined in step 1.
  • Complete the other settings as appropriate
  • Click Save.
  • Reorder the time frames as needed to ensure the new rule will take precedence.

Setting Call Forwarding

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6ve0472cf6b22e45bcafb43e40de669c22
  • Click the name of the user you want to forward.
  • Click the Answering Rules tab.
  • Hover over a time frame, and then click the icon.
  • In the pop-up window, select the appropriate call forwarding check box and enter the
    extension, number, or phone. Note: Your main number usually is associated with a user called the “Inbound Route.”
  • Click Save.

Blocking a Caller

  • On the menu bar, click DocsDisplay?zgId=706568888&mode=inline&blockId=fwx6v3e17e133c38c43d4a7f3f60e35c33e27
  • Click the name of the user that needs a block. To block a caller from the main number, look for the Inbound Route user.
  • Click the Answering Rules tab.
  • Click the Allow/Block button.
  • In the pop-up window, enter the caller’s number under BLOCKED NUMBERS, and then click +.
  • Click Done.